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Gemstones and crystals are not only a beautiful piece of pet jewelry, they bring powerful "New Age" healing properties that influence and balance your pet's chakras.

Each Pawmulet by Raquel is handcrafted with semiprecious gems. A stainless steel lobster clasp attaches to the pet’s collar ring and is accompanied with a split ring to accommodate any size of collar ring. The amulet consists a genuine 16 mm round coral bead cased in stainless steel wire. Stainless steel is a strong wire and Hypoallergenic as well. Each "Pawmulet" has the Raquel silver tag brand name and a Tibetan silver "made with love" heart charm.

Some may not see coral as a real gem, but it has fantastic healing qualities. Coral, is called the 'garden of the sea'. It comes from the sea and is a vacated house of a marine animal. Like anything, coral has a vibration to it, which gives it healing properties.

Red Coral has organic connection to earth, which helps control emotions and sense of peace. It helps to make bond between you and your pet.  Coral will quiet the emotions and bring calm. It helps with training and communication. Coral treats general healing, blood and circulatory system issues, kidney, bladder, epilepsy, eye problems, and the respiratory system. Coral treats calcium deficiencies, helpful with broken bones and enhancing the assimilation of vitamins A and D. Coral protects the muscular system from weaken. Ancient civilizations used red coral extensively for medicinal purposes. It was grounded to a fine powder and mixed with various substances such as honey, milk, ghee, sugar and other items depending upon the illness. It was supposed to quiet and calm the mind, stimulate intuition, and bring about emotional healing.

Sacral Chakra- Located near the lower abdomen


-Boundary issues
-Hormonal problems
-Emotional balance,
-Control & sexuality



PBR027 - Coral Pet Pawmulet

Price: US$ 25.00

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A- angel wings

B- Hamsa


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