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PC018- Holistic dog collar necklace - Amethyst, carnelian, raw Baltic Amber - Fleas and Ticks natural repellent

Stylish healing crystal necklace 

Each gemstone dog necklace comes with an extender

This Holistic crystal dog necklace is perfect for elderly dogs. It is hand-woven from brown waxed cotton cord and interwoven with Carnelian, Amethyst and Raw Baltic Amber.

CARNELIAN- is both an energy booster and a stabilizer. It aids in healing nerves, anxiety and it is highly beneficial for pets that need a boost in confidence. Carnelian Increases physical energy, personal power, and motivation. It promotes Peace and Harmony. It will stimulate the mental and physical faculties of older animals by increasing their enthusiasm for life. Sometimes animals become depressed and lethargy when reaching an older stage. They become more fearful and tend to stay in a close environment thus, they don't leave home. Carnelian will aids these issues and even reverse them by increasing energy and livelihood.

Chakra: Sacral

AMETHYST has strong energy vibrations and raw amber has resinous aromatic terpines when they are released the fleas and ticks repel. Amethyst will clear negative energy while balancing your pet's energy fields, calms rattled nerves, and is an all-around healer. Amethyst may help to mitigate separation anxiety and is a MODERATE EXCESSIVE BARKING in dogs.

Amethyst helps to alleviate separation anxiety. It stimulates the throat and crown chakras.

AMBER - will aid Aging animal that become withdrawn, Allergies, arthritis and rheumatism, bladder problems this makes amber a very useful and important crystal, particularly to those animals with lowers immune system, due to age or illnesses and is sensitive to infections. Amber will help older animals with ailments, such as rheumatic pains and stiffness. The crystal will help to draw out the pain. Amber will heal intestinal upsets, very common in dogs, and bladder troubles, such as cystitis very common in cats. It calms and soothes depression in human and animals.

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